"Wizard of Wood's" Exterior Wood Restoration Manual

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This is now the NEW version of the Exterior Wood Restoration Manual with 50 new pages of content added to the manual that was already considered the "Bible" for exterior wood restoration. The primary focus of this manual is QUALITY.  The secondary focus is PROFITABILITY.  This manual is also used as part of a class designed to set you apart as a wood care professional.  In this material we will spend considerable time on techniques, tools, materials, etc. with the intention of teaching you the most effective way to operate.  We will never teach you to sacrifice quality  for profit, and we will always demonstrate the least expensive way to achieve customer satisfaction.  It should be understood that if you focus on quality that profits will follow. The goal is for you to be in business for many years and this manual is designed to give you the foundation towards that purpose.
This manual was written by Everett Abrams, "The Wizard of Wood" of Deck Restoration Plus to be the leading resource for the industry. This manual has over 150 pages of information. The manual and its previous versions have been used to train and educate contractors and others across the country for over 20 years. This manual has been used by multiple organizations, associations, companies, manufacturers and individuals for training and education as well as a continued source of reference for those listed above. 
This manual is updated periodically as the industry continues to change and evolve with new products, methods, and best management practices.