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The easiest to apply, earth friendly, non-oil wood stain is here:

The Water Based Stain that performs like an Oil Base. The coatings industry has been moving to more environmentally friendly products for years. Oils are going away and trying to find a great, easy to maintain stain has been difficult. Deck Restoration recognized these issues early and for years now has been the leader in creating that stain that is environmentally friendly and has the great qualities and characteristics of an oil. Our Stain Features: Easy application – Mildew Resistant- VOC Compliant Environmentally Friendly- UV Resistant- Superior Water Beading Easy Future Maintenance- Penetrating- Durable We offer stains in 6 different colors: Burlington Gold, Shamong Red, Barnegat Gray, Medford Cedar, Seneca Brown, Moorestown Brown.

Our Products:

Deck Restoration Plus has a long standing reputation for the best supplies in the cleaning and restoration market. All of our products have been field tested with great results that have led to local and national recognition. We carry a complete line of cleaning and restoration products for distributors and contractors, as well as a separate line of products for the Do-It-Yourself individuals. Our Deck Restoration Plus Deck and Wood Stain is a water based product that acts like an oil. The industry is moving away from oil based products and we have the best product available way ahead of the industry curve. It is easy to apply, durable, and very easy to maintain. Maintaining your wood surfaces is the most challenging job moving forward, not with Deck Restoration Plus Deck and Wood Stain. It is easy to clean and re-coat for long lasting beauty and protection. Deck Restoration Plus will always provide you with instructions and support for your project.
  • "Thank you for the knowledge in the wonderful manual you sell, and great products as well!
    We did this today, first with cleaner / brightener, and then your Moorestown Brown stain.
    Customer was very happy, I was all the above." – Mark Ellis





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