Lumberton,NJ Deck Restoration

Here is a project that was completed in Lumberton,NJ. This restoration was done using only Deck Restoration Plus products. First the Deck & Wood Restorer was used to remove the organic growth and clean the surface. Followed with our Wood brightener to neutralize and to brighten the wood to its original glory. It was then stained using the Deck Restoration Plus Deck&Wood Stain Barnegat Gray tone.

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  • So, I watched a video of yours, clean with sodium metasilicate then Britney and then one of your stains? Or do I just use your restorer and stain? Is it an all in one type deal? Sorry for my ignorance I’m just trying to learn. I like your demos and I’d like to start upselling with your products. I like the results you guys have get

    Daniel Hand

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